Thoughts on foot issues for women

Heels and hosiery....

Note: This blog is taken from a presentation I made to approximately eighty ladies. Please feel free to take from it as you please. 

It is important for women to pay attention to foot care in order to avoid unnecessary foot problems, particularly those caused by footwear or hosiery.

Pros and Cons of High Heels

On the positive side, heels can make the legs appear longer, make the ankles appear more slender and increase lumbar curvature, but of course heels may also pose some risk. They may contribute to knee and back problems, lead to falls, and over time, shorten the calf muscles. Most women who do suffer pain with heels put up with discomfort in order to look taller, more stylish and professional. 

Toward Greater Comfort

If you want to wear heels, avoid heels of more than 5cms. Another approach is to limit their use i.e. slip them on in the car just before your event or meeting, and then swap back into some flats afterwards. 

At work, try alternating with flats for part of the day. If possible, try to keep one spare pair of shoes permanently at work or use a lower heel for the journey to and from work. Rotating the shoes during the day is good for the health of the materials, and also changes the way force is applied through your feet. As the saying goes, 'a change is as good as a rest'. 

What About Stockings?

Nylon hosiery is occlusive in that it doesn't breathe very well. The heat generated traps excessive perspiration in the summertime. There are 250,000 sweat glands on the feet that can produce up to 50mls of perspiration per day, which is a risk factor for the likes of athletes foot. Nylon can also be abrasive, and even more so when it is damp so in a tight shoe there will be little protection against blisters. Therefore, always select good quality hosiery that is fitted well. Some women prefer to wait until they get to work before putting on stockings, and select a lower denier in the summer time.

Interesting Facts

- One source suggests women may walk up to three times as many kilometers each day as men
- Women can be up to four times more vulnerable to certain foot problems than men 

So ladies, you are justified in taking good care of your feet!