'Shockwave therapy' for Plantar fasciosis and Achilles tendinopathy

Mechanism of action
Shockwave creates an acoustic wave which carries high energy to painful tissues , either in subacute or chronic state. The energy promotes regeneration and repair processes of the tendons, fascia and other tissues. Benefits include reversal of chronic inflammation, dissolution of calcified fibroblasts, stimulation of collagen production and importantly, release of trigger points.

Corns and Callus

These are areas of thick/hard skin. They usually develop due to rubbing or irritation over a bony prominence. As they have no vascular or neural involvement, treatment is easily carried out by reduction with sterile scalpel blade, painlessly for you.

Ingrown Toenail

An ingrown toenail can occur  for various reasons. The corners usually curve down and put pressure on the skin. Sometimes this pierces the skin, leading to pain, inflammation and even infection. 

My particular specialty is the management of ingrown toenails, either conservatively where I painlessly reduce the nail spike back, offering relief.  If necessary, another option includes permanent removal of a narrow portion of nail, leaving your nail pain free, yet looking good. 

Biomechanical Assessment / Gait Analysis

With a post graduate diploma in Sports Medicine from Otago university (PGDipl SM), I am well positioned to assess, diagnose and treat a wide range of sports related injuries. 

At my Mairangi Bay Clinic, Gait assessment with 'kinovea' will assist with motion analysis. This in turn is important in the understanding how your foot function affects what you are dealing with. 

A thorough examination also includes muscle tests for weakness or tightness issues. I can also order x-rays or ultrasound scans if needed, and commonly collaborate with other health professionals to bring about your best outcome. 

As part of my multi-faceted approach to treatment, I can provide custom moulded orthotics and insoles. These prescription foot supports are precisely aligned to your feet and legs to resolved problems arising from biomechanical misalignment. 

Therapy also includes footwear assessment and advice, as well as advice on muscle function.

One typical client group these issues affect include children who suffer from a variety of problems including  'intoeing',  'severs osteochondrosis',  'flat feet', or 'Patello-Femoral' knee pain.

Dr Comfort Footwear

This is a range of shoes and sandals targeted to people with need for extra width and superior cushioning. Client types include people with diabetes, Rheumatoid arthritis or significant bunion's. I love these shoes because they are truly plush. The removable liners are made out of a cushioning silicon, as opposed to simple foam typically found in normal retail footwear.

Gehwol Foot Creams

German-made, using only natural extracts, including even  'manuka' from good old NZ, This range includes various creams for softening, refreshing, warming, or even cooling the feet, whatever your particular requirements.